Naturist Etiquette

It is difficult for the body to breath and excrete properly when it is always bundled so tightly in clothes. For the times when you may need to be unclothed in public, or semi-private; here are the guidelines. I have chosen the Croatian attitude to nudity because the Croatian attitude straddles both the beauty and the health of the naturist lifestyle. I believe it is a very balanced and realistic view of nudity. If there is one piece of advice I can give you to make it a little easier, just recall what Douglas Adams' character Ford Prefect was fond of saying “always know where your towel is.”

Not sure what to expect at a naturist beach? Already been there but you got nothing but some strange looks and now you're not sure where did you go wrong? Read few tips on how to behave at a naturist beach. Where to take off clothes?

Croatia has many unofficial naturist beaches and nudity is well accepted. Most of the beaches outside of town's centers have naturist and textile parts but don't risk causing offense by stripping off in the 'textile' areas. If you are unsure which is which, as a rough guide the further you walk from the point of access, the more acceptable nudity is likely to be. Somewhere naturists and textiles are mixed together. Use your common sense. If you don't see anybody else in the nude, don't be the first one.

Be careful about taking photographs. Photographs and videos should only be taken with the permission of those in the shot. While there will be no problem with snapping your family or friends, you should seek prior consent of anyone else who might also be in the shot, even only in the shot remotely. Not everyone wants to end up in a stranger's photo album. Taking photos of other, unknown, nude people is not acceptable and can raise objections from those being photographed on the beach. Often they can be banned from the beach. Binoculars too, are likely to raise doubts regarding your motives. Attempting to take photos or video of other people's children is likely to provoke the deepest suspicion and cause to prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law - especially any clandestine photography or video.

No Overt Sexual Activity
Nudity is not an invitation for something else. No overt sexual activity is permitted. Bedroom activities are best kept there, or certainly well out of sight of others present.

Help with litter
Bring out everything that you bring in, especially trash. It is important to leave sites as clean or cleaner than you found it for the next person. Some skinny dipping sites are removed along a beach-front, so if you don't take out your trash, the area will be spoiled, since no municipality is likely to do it. Also, strip cigarette butts from the ground. No one likes skinny dipping in an ashtray. Respect and protect wildlife.

Respect the privacy and space of others. While naturists are a very friendly bunch, many are at a resort or a beach for quiet time. Body language should tell you they don't want to be disturbed. It's not wrong to look for new friends - but it is rude to intrude when you're unwelcome. Don't gawk or stare, it's rude. In particular - attention men!- women may not welcome being 'chatted up' by a stranger - don't be a pest. The best way to meet a lady for the first time is when she is with some other people. That way, you can introduce yourself in a situation that has the minimum potential "threat". There are always going to be some weirdoes on the beach. Don't be one of them!

Bring what you need
Many nude beaches are remote and do not offer the amenities found at many textile beaches, so come prepared. Bring beach supplies: beverage, food, sunscreen, towel. Mooching is not a cool way to make friends.

Fire regulations
Follow local fire regulations. Open fires or even using camping stoves outside of campgrounds is strictly prohibited. Also be careful when lightning out the cigarette. Croatian coast is high fire risk area especially in the summer. Even a few seconds of inattention can cause forest fires.

Sit on a towel
For hygienic reasons, use your own towel when sitting on benches, chairs, pool furniture and other furniture, specially picnic table tops (if you really have to sit on table tops in the first place). Also, don't sit on anyone else's towel or blanket.

Naturist beaches are havens of tranquility, please be considerate about playing amplified music or radios. Use earphones for if possible, and if requested to 'turn it down', do so willingly.

Theft on a naturist beach is fortunately rare, but keep an eye on your property and that of neighbouring sunbathers when they move away from it. Chances are, they'll being doing the same for you. Respect the property of others.

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