Nutrition; we think of it every day.

Television commercials contain jiggling adipose tissue and wild claims of phenomenal weight loss results. Concentrating on any aspect of health to the exclusion or restriction of other important functions is a road to bodily ruin. The case for nutrition comes most often after the damage has been done; an example is that weak vascular tissue can lead to aneurysms, strokes, high blood pressure and heart problems. It is not only the accumulation of plaque in our arteries but the flexibility and health of the vessels that is of importance.

Nutrition is the simplest way we can change our bodies. Nutrition takes the view of more, as opposed to less; more anti-oxidants to clear out free radicals, or more trace minerals to feed our complex neurological network. Nutrition feeds the body, where a diets job is to starve the body.

diagram from
Eating Wisely for Hormonal Balance by Sonia GAEMI, ED.D.,RD