The art and science of using the essential oils of various plants to bring about well-being; this is a definition of aromatherapy. As the name would imply, essences are inhaled to stimulate a desired state of being, but topical application is also effective for healthy skin and a variety of physical conditions. Blends are carefully balanced to respect the harmony of certain scents and in respect with their synergy and healing properties.
Complete Illustrated Guide to Aromatherapy

(Compilation) Spa Magazine
Lawless, Julia
3 teaspoons (tsp) = 1 tablespoon (tbls)
2 tablespoons (tbls) = 1 ounce (oz)
6 teaspoons (tsp) = 1 ounce (oz)
10 milliliter (ml) = 1/3 oz.
15 milliliter (ml) = 1/2 oz.
30 milliliter (ml) = 1 oz.
10 milliliter (ml) = approximately 300 drops
2 drops of Essential Oil should be used per Tsp of Carrier Oil - or as per recipe
it takes from 1 to 2 oz of carrier oil for a full body massage.
any kind of natural carrier oil except mineral oil
Carrier Oils are ideally cold-pressed vegetable oils such as apricot kernel, avocado, evening primrose, grape seed, macadamia nut, olive, peanut, pecan, sesame, sweet almond, walnut and wheat germ.
Basil, sweet
(Ocimum basilicum)

Scent: fresh, green, licorice-like
Effect: stimulating
Use for: migraine, depression, muscle pain, stomach ache
(Citrus bergamia)

Scent: sweet, citrus, floral
Effect: uplifting
Use for: depression, blemishes, eczema, urinary tract infections
Cedarwood, Atlas
(Cedrus atlantica)
Scent: woody, warm, pine-like
Effect: aphrodisiac
Use for: sex drive, congestion, infection, anxiety
Chamomile, Roman
(Anthemis nobilis)
Scent: warm, sweet, green
Effect: sedative
Use for : muscle pain, blemishes, anxiety, depression, wrinkles
(Cinnamomum zeylanicum)
Scent: sweet, warm, spicy
Effect: stimulating
Use for: stress, exhaustion, constipation, rheumatism
(Cymbopogon nardus)
Scent: citrus, fruity, fresh
Effect: stimulating
Use for: perspiration, fatigue, headache, insect repellent
Clary Sage
(Salvia sclarea)
Scent: sweet, nutty, herbaceous
Effect: euphoria
Use for: stress, depression, menopause, PMS, wrinkles, sex drive
(Eugenia caryophyllata)
Scent: sweet, spicy, warm
Effect: uplifting
Use for: toothache, muscle pain, stress, colds, flu
(Eucalyptus globulus)
Scent: penetrating, camphoric, woody
Effect: energizing
Use for: colds, coughing, flu, muscle aches, poor circulation
(Foeniculum vulgare)
Scent: warm, sweet, licorice-like
Effect: calming
Use for: wrinkles, nervousness, menstrual cramps, nausea
(Boswellia carterii)
Scent: musty, warm, balsamic
Effect: meditative
Use for: stress, asthma, cough, arthritis, wrinkles
(Pelargonium graveolens)
Scent: sweet, floral, green
Effect: balancing
Use for: tension, menopause, cellulite, wrinkles
(Zingiber officinale)
Scent: warm, spicy, peppery
Effect: energizing
Use for: flu, muscle aches, nausea, sex drive
(Citrus paradisi)
Scent: fresh, sweet, citrus
Effect: refreshing
Use for: depression, nervous exhaustion, cellulite
Helichrysum (Helichrysum angustifolia)
Scent: fruity, fresh, straw-like
Effect: soothing
Use for: depression, blemishes, inflammation, scars
(Jasminum officinalis)
Scent: sweet, floral, exotic
Effect: aphrodisiac
Use for: sex drive, depression, labor pains, dry skin
(Juniperus communis)
Scent: spicy, peppery, pine-like
Effect: clarifying
Use for: hangover, skin problems, confusion, arthritis
(Lavendula officinalis)
Scent: sweet, floral, herbaceous
Effect: soothing
Use for: insomnia, burns, headache, infection
(Citrus limon)
Scent: clean, fresh, citrus
Effect: refreshing
Use for: infections, fatigue, oily skin, detoxification
(Cymbopogon citratus)
Scent: grassy, citrus, crisp
Effect: stimulating
Use for: confusion, sadness, insect repellent, circulation
Marjoram, sweet
(Origanum majorana)
Scent: warm, woody, herbaceous
Effect: calming
Use for: anxiety, muscle tension, high blood pressure, asthma
(Melissa officinalis)
Scent: fresh, citrus
Effect: soothing
Use for: stress, stomach ache, menstrual cramps
(Commiphora myrrha)
Scent: warm, earthy, smoky
Effect: motivating
Use for: colds, cough, scrapes, chapped skin
(Citrus aurantium)
Scent: sweet, floral, citrus
Effect: calming
Use for: emotional shock, depression, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles
(Cymbopogon martini)

Scent: sweet, rosy, lemon
Effect: comforting
Use for: physical exhaustion, blemishes, oily skin, scars, wrinkles
(Pogostemon cablin)
Scent: pungent, musky, sweet
Effect: aphrodisiac
Use for: sex drive, nervous tension, sunburn, insect repellent
(Mentha piperita)
Scent: sweet, minty, fresh
Effect: refreshing
Use for: nausea, indigestion, sunburn, concentration
(Citrus aurantium)
Scent: warm, woody, floral
Effect: grounding
Use for: anxiety, blemishes, oily skin
Pine, Scotch
(Pinus sylvestris)
Scent: strong, clean, fresh
Effect: revitalizing
Use for: muscle pain, colds, cough, mental exhaustion
(Rosa damascena)
Scent: rich, floral, spicy
Effect: aphrodisiac
Use for: PMS, menopause, sex drive, skin tonic, broken capillaries
(Rosmarinus officinalis)
Scent: strong, camphoric, woody
Effect: reviving
Use for: concentration, poor circulation, muscle aches, hair care
(Santalum album)
Scent: sweet, woody, heady
Effect: aphrodisiac
Use for: depression, sex drive, blemishes, coughs
Tea tree
(Melaleuca alternifolia)
Scent: camphoric, spicy, medicinal
Effect: stimulating
Use for: blemishes, cuts, bug bites, sore throat, urinary tract infections
(Thymus vulgaris)
Scent: fresh, spicy, medicinal
Effect: stimulating
Use for: emotional fatigue, digestion, blemishes, bug bites, sore throat
(Vetiveria zizanoides)
Scent: smoky, earthy, nutty
Effect: soothing
Use for: blemishes, cuts, muscle aches, depression
(Cananga odorata)
Scent: fresh, floral, sweet
Effect: aphrodisiac
Use for: sex drive, depression, high blood pressure, oily skin